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Hanging Here Waiting For YouHanging Here Waitin
Me Being So CuteMe Being So Cute
We Are Getting Our Nap OnWe Are Getting Our
We Made All Of TheseWe Made All Of
This Is My Favorite BoneThis Is My Favorite
My Feeling TodayMy Feeling Today
Walk Me NowWalk Me Now
Can You Take Me With YouCan You Take Me Wit
My Puppy Is DirtyMy Puppy Is Dirty
Dont Boop MeDont Boop Me
Ready For The JumpReady For The Jump
Pet Me HumanPet Me Human
Na NannnanaNa Nannnana
How I Look CuteHow I Look Cute
All Taking Naps TogetherAll Taking Naps
I Has A BowtieI Has A Bowtie
I Am Super PuppyI Am Super Puppy
I Hurted MyselfI Hurted Myself
Cuddled In Here TogetherCuddled In Here
Me Growing UpMe Growing Up
An Army Of CutenessAn Army Of Cuteness
Very Warm HereVery Warm Here
My Puppy SmileMy Puppy Smile
Is This Bath For MeIs This Bath For Me
Fetching ItFetching It
Laying On My BackLaying On My Back
I Fits In A HatI Fits In A Hat
Can I Have Some TunaCan I Have Some

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